Environmental Policy

At Loaninghead we know how much you our customers appreciate the beautiful surrounding countryside and wildlife. We therefore attempt to run our business in an environmentally friendly manner.

  • We are committed to conserving our natural resources, so we ask our guests A towel on the rail means “I will use it again” A towel in the bath means “Please exchange.”
  • We do our best to recycle all glass, metal, cans(can crusher), plastic, paper(shredded on to compost), batteries(council depot) and print cartridges(Oxfam)
  • Compostable household and garden waste go into the large compost bins, leaves go into separate bins, which provide an excellent source of organic matter for potting and planting
  • We grow rhubarb, apples, tomatoes, vegetables, and fresh flowers, for superior quality, saving on the road miles.
  • Source local and Scottish  produce where ever we can.
  • Make own preserves jams & chutneys. Freeze surplus fruit & vegetables for later use.
  • All jam jars are recycled minimizing glass wastage
  • Drive Hybrid Car – alternative fuel car
  • Community work, volunteer & do parish church cleaning and flowers.
  • Use natural cleaners, left over lemon, baking soda, vinegar diluted in water
  • Micro-fibre cloths, steam cleaner for cleaning.
  • Small kettles for guest bedrooms to reduce the amount of electricity used to boil a kettle
  • We closely monitored our electricity and wood pellets consumption.
  • Installed AIMS(intelligent management system) for Aga which saves energy
  • Service boilers regularly
  • Use internet based marketing – we print no marketing literature
  • As most of our business is via internet and return visitors, we are able to email 95% of our guests with booking confirmations & directions
  • Paper for printer is from sustainably managed resources PEFC or recycled
  • We provide bird feeders, bird boxes, bird baths, the rowan and holly berries – a good source of food in winter for birds. Encourage the swallows back each year
  • As responsible farmers, we look after the trees and hedgerows
  • Low Energy light bulbs
  • Water Butts. We also recycle water from the washing machine into garden – no chemicals used for the green or white fly with this method
  • Walking and Cycling information
  • Cycle Storage
  • Eco friendly washing up & laundry liquid
  • Toilet paper and kitchen towels are from recycled products
  • Local and Fair Trade provisions where possible.
  • Encourage guests to use Scottish and local produce
  • Bird books & binoculars for guests use
  • Wild life area and re-claimed materials
  • Rechargeable batteries, torches, wind up torches
  • Installed PV roof panels.
  • We are member of National Trust and life members of Royal Highland Agricultural Society
  • Please remember we have a care to look after the environment for the future generations. Help us to help you to help our environment Reduce, Reuse and Re-cycle
  • Replaced all  windows and doors with double glazed units.
  • Curtains all heavy double inter –  linings to avoid draughts
  • We are proud to say that we are now running our hot water and heating systems for Loaninghead House and self catering cottages using a green energy source

Working in a more sustainable way, reducing our carbon footprint, minimizing our impact on the environment and encouraging our guests to do the same, does not mean we compromise on the comfort or the 4 Star Quality of our accommodation.

  • Scottish  suppliers  Grahams, from Stirling/Milk and butter, Adamsons’s, Pittenweem Oatcakes/Walker, Oatcakes,/Heather Hill Farm, Scottish Honey/Loch Fyne/Lidl,/Smoked Salmon.  Jess McKechnie/Greenock,/Lorne Sausage.  Ramsay Carluke,/Bacon//haggis/sausage. Stornoway black pudding,  Local butcher/John Brown Balfron/cold meats.  Airken’s Overton Farm,/Eggs.  Kirk’s Broadslap Farm, /Berries/Co-op Balfron,/Lidl.   Scottish  Mushrooms and Tomatoes when in season.      Home made on Aga cooker, Marmalade/Jams/ Strawberry/Raspberry/Rhubard and Ginger/Lemon Curd.   Fruit Compotes home grown Scottish Rhubarb,/ Scottish Berries, in season.  Local Co-op Warburtons bread.   Ken Mckay/Fish van/ Scottish kippers/smoked haddock/landed at St. Monans, Processed Pittenweem.   Katy Rodgers, Fintry / Yoghurt.   What about some, Scott’s porridge oats/ Cupar in Fife,/ hot porridge, served with our local Glengoyne Whisky!!. or some Graham’s Scottish cream.
  • Shortbread for your welcome tray from Walker’s a Scottish Product or Tunnock’s Tea Cakes Glasgow.
  • We’re happy to give our guests a tour of our ETA Biomass plant room and show them how it all works if it is of interest.
  1. Electric vehicle recharging points can be found
  2. Balloch : Lomond Shores. G83 8QL
  3. Glasgow: Riverside Museum. G3 8RS  Braehead Shopping Centre. G51 4BW
  4. Falkirk : Falkirk Wheel FK1 4RS
  5. Stirling: Moto Services Pirnhall junction M9/M80 FK7 8EU
  6. Aberfoyle. Riverside Car Park.  FK8 3UG